Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4/10/12 - Jay Peak

Who would've though!? After losing nearly all of its base due to the March heat wave, the Jay Cloud emerged once again! It dropped a foot of new snow on the mountain, albeit it was extremely dense, wet snow, and Hoff, Becca and I ventured up to the motherland for some shredder's delight. Although it was a struggle plowing through the concrete snow, it was definitely worth it, and definitely still POWDER! Although we got soaked it wasn't enough to keep the smiles from our faces, and yet again we thank you for your splendor Jay. Until next time, whenever that may be.

3/30/12 - Jay Peak

Today Hoff and I shredded on a total of three trails (the Flyer was closed for snowmaking), and said what we thought were our final goodbyes to our beloved Jay Peak. The unseasonable temperatures had brought the base down to 15 to 25" and we weren't very confident that we'd be able to get back to Jay before packing up our college years for good. Thankfully we were wrong.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3/20/12 - Bolton Valley

Well it looks like ski season in the East is just about over. Today Hoff and I skied in 75 degree weather in conditions that were akin to a puddle. Although this season was not always what we'd hoped, there were still great days to be had and not one hour spent on the hill was wasted. I hope this is not the end but based on the weather it may be. To all of you fellow ski nuts, may the pow be with you...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

3/7/12 - Big Jay

Today we ventured back out to Big Jay, this time accompanied by Ryan and our friend Marshall. The sun had softened the snow quite a bit, making it extremely difficult to move through the heavy mashed potatoes. Today became a lesson in backcountry safety for all of us when Ryan tumbled backwards off a small cliff and broke his binding. He then had to get down the mountain on one ski, which provedto be quite the endeavor. Luckily, with the support of everyone, he made it down in one piece, although the same can't be said for his skis. One lesson we all learned: ski with a group!

3/6/12 - Big Jay

Today the crew, myself, Becca, Sara, Lily, Alex, Brian, Kyle, as well as a few new friends took an excursion out to Big Jay, the back country of the ski resort. There were bluebird skies all day and it was quite the experience to say the least. The hike out there was more fun than any of us imagined and the skiing did not disappoint. There was an abundance of steep terrain that funneled into some great tree skiing. The top featured chutes and cliffs galore, and not one of us left without a smile plastered upon our face. Tomorrow: Plan for the same.

3/4/12 - Vail

Today the family in I participated in something called "Dawn Busters" as part of the Carnivail activities hosted by the mountain for the Dartmouth Alumni, i.e. my dad. We got up on the lifts at 7:30, an hour before anybody else, and enjoyed some freshly groomed runs on the Northbrook Express Quad as well as out in the bowls. The scenery was beautiful and my legs thanked me for taking it easy after going hard for the initial four days. It was bluebird skies all day and I even received the slightest goggle tan on my pasty white Irish skin. Sadly it is my last day in Colorado, but the coming week means that I get to return to the mother ship...Jay Peak.

3/3/12 - Vail

Today my cousin Drew came up to ski from Denver and showed me around the mountain a little bit. Knowing my eastern roots he took me into some great woods out in Blue Sky Basin, fully equipped with tight turns and some cool cliffs. After spending the day out in the bowls we had lunch at Mid-Vail before spending the rest of the day grooming it out at Lionshead. At this point my legs are becoming wobbly and tomorrow may be a straight groomer/goggle tan day.