Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bolton Valley - 1/21/12

Bolton received about 3 inches overnight so Becca and I headed down to the valley to try and find some pow. In doing so I had one of my scariest falls to date after tumbling backwards off of 2 cliffs at the Tier. Note to self: Listen to ski patrollers when they tell you how icy it is under the tiny top layer of snow. After the tumble we took it easy for the rest of the day. Hopefully the end of January into February brings snow. Pray for it!

Jay Peak - 1/20/12

We woke up before the dawn for the first real powder day of the year at Jay. There was about six inches of dust on top of the icy crust that developed. Although the face chutes are still closed, Brian and I were able to snag the second tram of the day and jump into Green Beret for what was a stellar opening run. We then proceed to the little cliffs under the Bonny Quad and the trees to the right of the trail. After that we hit up our spot dubbed "Dr. Eduardo's" and slayed some tight powder turns. Overall the day was a rousing success and we hope the snow continues to fall. Until next time, pray for powdah!

Monday, January 16, 2012

1/16/12 - Bolton Valley

The peeps from 31 Loomis and 23 Isham converged on Bolton Valley for a great bluebird MLK Day. Hoff and I took Tonelli to the Tier first thing although the landing was not what it was on Saturday. We spent the day scouring the woods for snow and hitting some jumps off of the snowflake lift. Looks like there could be a storm coming in, pray for snow!

1/14/12 - Bolton Valley

Today Becca and I made our first visit to Bolton of the season. The area had received about 5 to 7 inches of fresh fluff the night before and the crowds were minimal. We were one of the first to head to an area in the woods off of Preacher we have dubbed "The Tier," because of its step like qualities. Unfortunately I had forgotten to charge the battery of the GoPro and was unable to get myself going off of it, we got Becca on camera, even if she tumbled off the second step. We shredded for a few hours until we skiied off most of the pow and called it a day. Pray for snow everyone!

1/12/12 - Jay Peak

The crew welcomed former housemate Marshall into the mix for a day filled with 3 to 4 inches of fresh snow. The crew included myself, Hoffman, Ryan, Marshall, Cleaver, Becca and Alex with a fairly gnarly encounter with  Cleaver's friend JorgĂ© after lunch. We began using the new GoPro camera and got some decent footage of the day. Until next time, pray the snow continues!

1/11/12 - Jay Peak

Jay finally has the majority of the mountain open, including the Tram. We started off on the Tram before messing around on the lifts to the skier's right side of the mountain. Brian and I ducked some ropes and jumped into the woods off of Deliverance for a little bit of untracked powder. With snow in the forecast for the following day we were more than excited to get back on the mountain the following morning.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

1/5/12 - Butternut

And the first turns of the new year came at Butternut, nestled in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. My friend Mike and I did some laps in the park before bombing around the rest of the mountain in the afternoon. Despite limited terrain we managed to have a good time while simultaneously showing off optimal steez appeal....til next time, pray for snow!

12/30/11 - Stowe

Temperatures stayed cold today and gray skies provided a bounty of ice to be slayed. The gang had a good day at Stowe despite the traffic on the slopes and icy conditions. We hot lapped the gondola in the morning before heading to Spruce Peak to mess around in the afternoon. After the most expensive lunch of my skiing life I have made a conscious decision to never eat at Stowe again...til next time, pray for snow!

12/29/11 - Sugarbush

Ahhhhh! The first powder turns of the season, what a feeling! Had a great day with Brian, Becca and her family at the Bush. Despite frigid temperatures we braved the cold all the way to the closing of the lifts. Hoffman and I had our first woods adventure of the year and we were able to enjoy a solid couple inches of fluff before it was skiied off in the afternoon. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. Pray for snow!