Friday, February 24, 2012

2/24/12 - Jay Peak

Today we woke up to a surprise 7 inches of snow at Jay, despite wetter conditions down in Burlington. We scrambled to the Super Camry and high tailed it up to Jay and despite not getting there until 10 we grabbed the first Tram we could and skied hard all day. The snow was wet but conditions were pretty prime and we made our first three laps on the Face Chutes of the year. The snow is supposed to carry on through Saturday morning and you can bet your ass we'll be there. Until then. PRAY FOR WHITE POWDERY GOODNESS!

P.S. Here's a little edit of the highlights from the day.

Monday, February 20, 2012

2/19/12 - Bromley Mountain

Today Becca and I, along with my dad, went to Bromley Mountain to enjoy "Vermont's Sun Mountain." Thankfully Bromley received the most overnight snowfall in the area, about 2 to 3 inches, and we were graced with bluebird skies on top of that. The crowds were pretty large but we didn't let them affect our day as we enjoyed some soft mashed potato-like conditions and tried for the ever elusive east coast goggle tan. This was my first time skiing Bromley and was pleasantly surprised to say the least. There's still plenty of skiing left to be done this season so keep praying children!

2/18/12 - Killington

Today Becca and I met up with my family, Mom, Dad and Max at Killington as well as our friend Leman. It was a good day over all with about 2 inches of fresh snow to play around in. The President's Day weekend crowd wasn't as bad as expected and we had a wonderful day skiing with family and friends. This season has taught me to appreciate the 1-3 inch storms and not take the sport of skiing for granted. The snow will come, but all we can do in the mean time is enjoy what we've got. Until next time, think snow!

2/17/12 - Bolton Valley

Today Brian, Sara and I ventured to Bolton to shred 2-3 new inches of snow that fell overnight. It was a great day to have Cleaver along as she hit the Tier, pictured above, for the first time as well as hopping on a rail in the Jungle Jib park. We even managed to get her to have a beer and some nachos with us in  the Bolton bar. Hopefully this small dusting is a sign of things to come, until next time pray for snow!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2/13/12 - Jay Peak

Today I met up with the brothers Hoff, pictured above, up at Jay Peak for a great day of skiing. Although my sources told me to expect anywhere from 4 to 6 inches, the gods dusted the mountain with 1 to 2, which still made for a good day. Thankfully Brian and I knew which spots to hit and we were able to hit the Oasis cliff on Deliverance as well as Eduardo's. Michael was not amused by Eduardo's drop but definitely needed to experience that area before leaving for DC. Overall it was a great day, capped off with Switchbacks in the Tram House bar. There are rumors of a dump coming this weekend into Monday, nothing would make me happier. Think Snow!

2/11/12 - Mad River Glen

I made my first appearance of the season at MRG today, along with a crew including Becca, Sara, Alex, Lily and two new friends Cody and Danny. Not to sound pessimistic but the conditions were some of the worst I have skied in a long time. Most of the mountain was sheer ice but luckily our group hiked up the bunny hill the night before and got first tracks on some freshly laid corduroy. Thankfully Cody and Danny were as knowledgeable about MRG as Hoff and I are with Jay and they found some fun lines to ski around the mountain. Until next time, pray. for. snow.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bolton Valley - 2/7/12

I woke up early to get some turns in this morning at Bolton. There was a thaw yesterday with a freeze overnight so most of the mountain was sheer ice but you take what you can get I guess. I spent a couple of hours doing laps on the Vista Quad and hitting up the jungle jib park. The highlight of the day was finding a little cliff feature in the woods off of Vermont 200 which was a pleasant surprise. Guess I have no choice but to bring the GoPro there tomorrow right? Anyway I made a little 6 min edit of the footage I've gotten so far this year and for my first try I don't think it's half bad. Enjoy!

P.S. Apologies to Cleaver for her lack of an appearance in the edit....also...PRAY FOR COLD AND SNOW

Bolton Valley - 2/3/12

I ventured down to Bolton Valley today to get a couple runs in before lunchtime. Conditions weren't too awful but I stayed most on the snowflake lift doing laps in their progression park, which right now is just two jumps. After practicing some 360s and hitting up the jungle jib park a couple times I called it a day and headed home to start the weekend. Pray for snow!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jay Peak - 1/30/12

The greatest sound to grace my ears in a while: POWDER DAY! Finally Jay got about 9 inches overnight and Brian and I were up at the crack of dawn to get up and ski. We hit all of our spots and got some great video on the GoPro. I managed to snap one of my new ski poles but thankfully had some backups in the car. After a burly crash in the park to end the day we drank a few Switchbacks, took in the bounty of the day and made our way back to Burlington. Thanks be to Jay for yet another glorious day of east coast blower. Until next time, pray for snow! 

P.S. Enjoy the first ever Isham Street Ski Blog video!

1/29/12 - Jay Peak

It had been a week since I'd last skied so despite less than optimal conditions, Becca and I ventured up to the Northeast Kingdom and got some turns in at the Mothership. Thankfully it snowed all day and into the night. With a powder day looming I may have to return in the morning to reap the benefits. PRAY FOR SNOW